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Welcome Studio Shiva Tantra Massage

Vanessa, I have a degree in foreign languages (French and English) and a professional cosmetics degree. My soul and my personality brought me to the culture and philosophy of the Tantra massage, meeting various Tantra masters, who helped me to start this path and, later, achieving decades of experience in the Tantra world. I am specialized in Tantra disciplines with professional qualification from My Tantra Academy, I also followed a Spiritual Tantra path in Berlin, and received a diploma in relaxing massage. I perform tantric massage with my heart and soul, with unconditional love that leads to unique sensations, through an emotional voyage whose destination is to listen to the ego, to achieve awareness and to discover a kind of psycho-physical pleasure that only those who hold the way of the Tantra can give. I am a professional of the true, ultra sensorial Tantra massage, I give emotions and comfort, this is my biggest gratification.


What it is and how to perform the Tantra massage Through the Tantra massage, the body rediscovers harmony thanks to relax and excitement of the senses. The main aim is to develop more awareness, in whom offers the massage, as well as who receives it, improving the mutual grasp on desires and emotions. Who offers the massage, gives their unconditional love to the other person. Therefore, who receives it should commit to a situation of total trust, freeing their mind from thoughts and expectations, encouraging the activation of their senses. In the Tantra massage, it is essential to surrender to the present moment, a sweet and exciting moment, where to find serenity and pleasure in their most noble and pure dimension.

Copple Benefitsi

With the Tantra massage it is possible to improve relationships thanks to a wider discovering of each other’s natural potential. The Tantra develops the senses, both physical and intuitive, of whoever decides to engage in this journey.

In performing the Tantra massage, the desire to make love can emerge. The act of love is centered on giving oneself first of all, even before taking something from the other, with a view to mutual respect. Try orgasm is not the ultimate expectation of the relationship. More importance is placed on observing one’s own and others’ feelings, so as to leave more freedom to the desire and the imagination to manifest themselves in a deeper and more fulfilling couple activity.

What oils to use

In the Tantra massage

In the Tantra massage we use essential oils because they have a highly penetrating power. Coconut oil is always indicated because it doesn’t have a smell and it hardly irritates anyone’s skin. Other oils that can be used are: basil, sage, sandalwood, cinnamon, lavender, peppermint, pine and rosemary.

Individual Lingam massage for men

A pleasure to try

The pleasure that the Lingam massage gives is a natural technique that every man should experiment for the joy that it provides, together with a sensation of relief and total regeneration.

How to perform the Lingam massage


The receiver is lying on his back with pillows under his head so that he can look at his partner (the treatment can be performed by a female or male Tantra Operator). A pillow – covered with towels – is placed under his hips. His legs are slightly parted, as well as his knees being slightly bent (pillows under his knees will help) and his genitals are clearly exposed to receive the massage

Prostate Tantra

The treatment is combined with Classic Tantra Massage and Kundalini Tantra, paying greater attention particularly to the first Chakra area, massaging gently the perineum’s area by stimulating the prostate gland externally and internally

Individual for Woman

The Yoni massage

a unique sensory experience
it is a sensory experience, a practice of tantric origin. Explore sexual intimacy, release tension, give psychophysical well-being and the right energy charge. Yoni derives from Sanskrit and literally means the female organ. It also translates as ” Temple, Holy Place”. The massage should be done constantly and very gently. The purpose of the Yoni is to awaken the sensations, to resolve the small traumas and psycho-affective discomforts.

Woman  Benefits of the Yoni massage:

The Yoni Massage comes from India: a particular intimate massage, able to arouse strong feelings in women. This ancient technique has been used for thousands of years, to create a spiritual nexus, aimed at restoring the well-being of the body and the mind – the disappearance of emotional tensions and stress – reduction of menstrual pain – elimination of pain during sexual intercourse – increased sensitivity of the intimate parts – orgasms more intense and easier to reach – elimination of psychic and emotional blocks

For the massage

For the massage

We mostly use natural products that do not contain parabens, petrolatums, or any other toxic substances to the body. Only holistic treatments that allow you to relax deeply and clear your mind.
For each customer we open a new pack of disposables towels, to be used after the shower.

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Women & Men Massages

Treatment and turned to the male. And a total relaxation of the senses that leads to the awakening of libido.Ideal for those who suffer from premature ejaculation, for those who want to know each other better by sensory and physical point of view. .

The Yoni Tantra treatment is aimed at women who want a total relaxation through gentle and pleasant movements allowing you to discover their femininity. It caters to all the curious women to embark on a new experience that helps to discover and develop their feminine side. According to your needs the treatment can be performed by an Tantra operator .